Instructions for using the EcoFactor application

2. How to display the list of stations
3. How to charge
4. How to charge the car by manual input
5. How to top up the balance
6. What information will you get in the "More" section

1. How to install and activate the application

Download the AutoEco-Factor app from the AppStore (for iPhone devices) or PlayMarket (for Android devices).


Search for an application in the AppStore
Filling the phone number

2. How to display the list of stations

The application will then ask you to provide access to your geolocation, or specify the exact address where you will be at this time to display a list of stations.
Search - geolocation
Manual search
Street or station name
Pay attention!
Green — the station does not provide a fast charging port.
Orange color — the station has a fast charging port.
Gray — Offline station or not available
Port settings — manual settings ↓
You can customize the display of the ports you need. Note that if you turn off all ports, you will not see available stations on the map.

3. How to charge

If the application asks you to provide access to the smartphone camera, click "allow", then point the smartphone camera at the QRcode located on the station. After scanning the QR code, the application will automatically connect the car to the station and start the charging process, provided that the cable is connected to the car.
Scan the QR code
QR code placement (example)

4. How to charge the car by manual input

Enter the name of the station you want to find in the search bar.
Next you will see the status of the ports:
1. The cable is connected but not charging
2. The port is free, no cars are connected
3. The process of charging the car
4. Idle — if the car is fully charged but the cable hasn’t been disconnected
If you have connected the cable to the car it will be written as in item 1 "Connected".
Then press "Start charging"

The "Reserve until" button means that a port at this station will be unavailable for other users until the specified time
If the port is connected to a car, then you will see the following information:
Next you will learn:
How many kWh was charged
You can also see how much was charged for charging in the "Balance" tab, in the "History" section.
The duration of charging, voltage, maximum current strength, charging tariff, capacity, no. of the station, and the port your car was connected to.

5. How to top up the balance

Here you can top up your balance to start charging your vehicle or check the balance history
Pay attention!

The minimum top-up amount is £10. The minimum amount of charging is 5 grn.

5. What information will you get in the "More" section

This section allows you to change the number in the "Personal Data", in the "Settings" — to change the language of the application, or get help from an online support consultant in Viber.
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