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We unite drivers, owners of locations and charging stations, and also create additional sources of profit for them.


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80 000

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Cooperating with EcoFactor Network, you do not just buy our software, you make a contribution to the charging infrastructure of the country

How is work done?


Find a location

We analyze the demand and location, and find the location for the installation of the charging station

We form a commercial offer

We form a commercial offer for the investor or owner of the location. We find the most efficient way to locate the station while optimizing costs and present it to the investor or owner of the location.


Choose a charging station

We use charging stations manufactured by EcoFactor Charge, which comply with European, American and Ukrainian standards, and represent it to the investor or owner of the location.


Install a charging station

We set the charging station to a location, and conduct a series of test charges to prevent all malfunctions


We provide full control to operators of the charging station

We advise owners when setting a tariff for stations, as well as in matters of how to limit stations to specific users, configure the display of messages on the station’s screen, and much more. We provide access to standard and special reports. Once a month (the period is being discussed), our company transfers funds to the owner of the charging station, based on the cost of the charges made at its charging stations.


We accompany charging stations

We accompany the charging station in real time (24/7).


We promote the station

We transfer information to the network management department, where they fix this station and enter it into all the necessary information platforms (Google Maps, etc.), for its promotion in the environment of electric mobility

Opportunities for the owner of the charging station

  • Self-set charging rates based on charged kWh or charging time

  • Maintaining your own groups of drivers

  • Statistics on performed charges in the context of stations, types of ports, groups of drivers, etc.

  • Different tariffs depending on groups of drivers, type of port, station and car capacity, as well as for individual stations

  • Management and monitoring of stations in near real-time mode

  • Messages in case of problems with stations

  • Control access to charging stations based on a mobile phone or RFID cards

  • Station Status Monitoring

  • Dynamically balance the balance at the stations at the time of the change of duty, which

  • Dynamic load balancing at stations in case of limitation of input power

  • Ability to integrate with other information systems of the station owner

For partners and investors

How can we cooperate?

  • A branded station for your current needs – for example, to advertise your establishment

  • Full control over the work and tariffs of your charging station

  • Technical and software support 24/7

  • Service Charging Stations

Get a charging station and provide your customers with additional service. The main advantage is improved image as an environmentally responsible and innovative business.

  • We independently find the location for the installation of stations

  • You yourself influence pricing for different user groups

  • You control the operation of the stations and make changes depending on the development plan

Get a charging station and use it as an additional source of profit, taking part in the development of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles in Ukraine.

  • Attract more customers to the new segment in an innovative and effective way.

  • Receive additional amenities for your customers and advertising

  • We fully service the charging station at our own expense.

If you want to attract more customers to your institution, but do not want to spend money on the purchase of charging stations, provide us with the location for their installation.

For drivers

How does it work for drivers?

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    Download the mobile application and register

    Registration takes 2 minutes and is free. Just register in the application and confirm the registration via SMS.

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    Find a charging station

    View information about current charging stations: address, real-time status (used, available, etc.), number of chargers and type of charger, relevant time and step-by-step directions for all stations of EcoFactor Network networks.

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    Pay account balance

    Find the “Balance” tab in the application menu, indicate the desired replenishment amount and confirm the payment.

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    Start charging

    Identify yourself at the charging station using your smartphone. Follow the instructions on each charger for how to charge your car. Your charge will be deducted from your balance.

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    Get support

    If necessary, report a problem with the station directly from a mobile application with the ability to provide descriptions and images.

The advantages of our platform

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    Free for personal use, subject to the purchase of EcoFactor Charge stations.

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    We start charging from 5 hryvnias in the account and stop when less than 1 hryvnia. Everything is simple, no obligatory payments, no down payments, replenished – recharge, money is over – charging has stopped. If the station owner has set a zero tariff for you – there is no need to replenish your account!

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    Minimum personal information, only a phone number. Name optional. No need to specify VIN-code and other confidential data. Easy registration via SMS and replenishment through a bank card.

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    Easy linking to the user’s account, instant activation through the card. No chips, no need to lose the warranty on the car and interfere with the operation of the car.

EcoFactor Network platform designed to manage smart
charging stations that support OCPP. Comprises:

Mobile application for Android and iOS drivers

Website for station owners

Central server for communication

EcoFactor Network Services

  • Attracting drivers to charging stations

  • Organization of charge payment

  • Support for charging station owners in setting up and managing stations

  • Drivers Bank Card Processing

  • Support for drivers and operators of charging stations.

Cost for commercial stations: 15% of the turnover at the stations. Including 2.75%, which EcoFactor Network pays for bank card processing, individual conditions are possible with volumes.

Supported Charging Stations

All charging stations using the OCPP protocol are supported. In industrial operation are charging stations of the following manufacturers:

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