Ukrainian Social Electric Car

About the project

Prototype of the first electric car for people with disabilities — USEC, Ukrainian Social Electric Car


The electric car was commissioned by TV presenter, public figure Victoria Kiose.

Electromobility gives a new chance to people with individual needs in Ukraine. It is planned to launch serial production of USEC machines.

To determine what exactly should be emphasized and what functionality is needed for people with disabilities, we have released a prototype based on the SMART car, which is already allowed by the legislation of Ukraine to travel on public roads.


  • The electric car is driven by 15 kW motor wheels (rear-wheel drive)
  • A special platform has been built from the stern of the electric car for the convenience of independent arrival and departure in a wheelchair.
  • Rear door, handrail, and headrest servos
  • Power reserve on one charge — 150 km
  • The maximum speed is 110 km per hour
  • The car is controlled from an application specially designed for it
  • Steering with central steering
  • Place the battery to keep the floor low
  • The hardware makes it easy to use the car for existing car-sharing systems

Our goal is to optimize costs so that a car worth up to $ 10,000 can be mass-produced.

It is planned that the first step will be the USEC car-sharing service in all regions of Ukraine. In the current model, we have already laid the technical functionality for this.

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